Over-Bearing, Over-Protective Former Pornstar Father Gets Thora Birch Fired from Off Broadway’s Dracula

12/14/2010 3:14 PM |

Thora Birch

  • Thora Birch, (not) in costume for Dracula.

An Off Broadway revival of Dracula is scheduled to begin previews at the Little Shubert Theatre tonight, but ArtsBeat reports that the cast’s biggest name, Thora Birch (who was going to play Lucy Seward in her New York stage debut), was fired on Friday. The dismissal handed her by the show’s producers had nothing to do with her performance, and everything to do with what sounds like the obnoxious, irresponsible, condescending and over-bearing behavior of her father and manager, Jack Birch (who was a porn actor in the 70s). Dad was, by some accounts, threatening an actor for rubbing his 28-year-old daughter’s back during a scene. (Hasn’t he seen American Beauty?) Emily Bridges takes the stage tonight as Lucy in Dracula‘s first preview. Birch will hopefully fire her manager before returning to the stage.