Preservation of Navy Yard’s Historic Timber Shed Likely a Lost Cause

12/27/2010 10:37 AM |

Brooklyn Navy Yard Timber Shed

One of the only buildings on the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s historical Admiral’s Row to be set aside for preservation according to the already-underway project to redevelop the site into a supermarket, visitor center and possible research facility, is the 1830s Timber Shed at the corner of Navy and Flushing (pictured), but that structure was already half-collapsed before yesterday’s snow storm and seems increasingly likely to collapse before it can be renovated and restored. Last week the NY Daily News reported that officials from the Navy Yard and preservationists have warned the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp., which is carrying out the redevelopment of the southwest corner of the yard, that the building is at risk of joining its neighboring Admiral’s Row historic homes in irreparable dilapidation.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Timber Shed

The building’s selection for preservation was something of an olive branch extended to preservationists after so many nearby structures were left to deteriorate, but after its roof partially collapsed following a snow storm last winter, it’s been looking increasingly vulnerable. And if nothing is done to stabilize and restore it—in fact, as of last night, it may be a lost cause—the whole redevelopment plan could fall through. Saving the shed—the only remaining building of its kind, where ships’ masts were stored to cure—is part of the city’s deal to acquire the site from the federal government and develop it, but if nobody can get in there to keep the shed upright the whole project might collapse with it. (Brownstoner)

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  • 1830s?! Wow. Where I’m at, there aren’t a lot of 1830’s buildings around. Shame to lose this one. I hope it will turn out that something can still be done. A building like that would be a reason to go some place, whatever place it was–another shopping center (without that building) would be just like all the rest. Not a place I’d go to.