Pro-Bike Lane Activists Give Marty Markowitz a Bike for Christmas

12/20/2010 8:59 AM |

Brooklyn prez marty markowitz receives bicycle

Brooklyn Borough Prez Marty Markowitz, who is so adamantly opposed to bike lanes that he wrote a song about them, which he performed at a recent City Council meeting and put it on his Christmas card, got an early gift on Thursday from the ubiquitous pro-bike lane clown (er… elf?) demonstrators, who stopped by his Borough Hall office to give Marty a gift: a shiny new bicycle (pictured). Gothamist reports, however, that the Prez refused the gift. The clowns were undeterred in their cheer, though. Said one: “We’ve been doing bike lane clowning for years and we’ve felt like Marty should be one of the clowns with us.” Now that‘d be a Christmas miracle. (Gothamist, photo by Adrian Kinloch)