Red Hook Ikea Rides Both Ways: Gives Employees Bikes, Still Opposes Bike Lane

12/08/2010 10:05 AM |

Ikea opposes Red Hook Bike Lane, gives employees bikes

  • Ikea-branded bikes, not the kind issued to every employee.

Back in June the massive Red Hook Ikea—which does so well with alternative and public transportation, branding its name on city buses and water taxis and on the fucking map with “Ikea Plaza”—came out against a (really nice) new bike lane that passed right by its main entrance down on Beard Street, and now, while maintaining its anti-bike lane stance, the behemoth big box store is coming out in favor of bicycles, handing them out to employees. The Brooklyn Paper reports that the giveaway began at the Swedish furniture flattener’s Brooklyn location, and will add up to 12,400 bikes as every U.S. employee receives one in time for the holidays.

Gary Buiso’s BP article on the bike giveaway gets back-to-back quotes from Ikea spokesman Joseph Roth that bring a whole new, terrifying logic to light:

“We are very much in favor of bikes. We have bike racks at our store. We have customers and co-workers who bike, and we are always in favor of creating as much access as possible to our store.”

And then, regarding the bike lane:

“Let’s see what it’s like during the peak sales period and the summer time. Just because it is working out [so far] doesn’t mean it is safe. It just means that something serious hasn’t happened there yet.”

Is Ikea giving away bikes to precipitate “something serious” so it can turn around and be like: “We warned you about that bike lane”? Probably not, but how else are we supposed to make sense of these completely opposite gestures?!

One Comment

  • seems to me they were trying to be overly careful of its customers safety by asking for the bike lane to be ACROSS THE STREET (yes, that was the real suggestion) so they wouldnt get hurt with all the traffic turning into the ikea. Turns out that seemed to come across negatively in the medias eyes. Guess everyone needs a grinch to steal their christmas right? Just let the coworkers enjoy their gift. it was a huge gesture in the right direction. Just what NYC needs.