Salvation for Central Williamsburg: Bedford Avenue Thrift Store Building Up

12/13/2010 9:53 AM |

Salvation Army on Bedford Avenue expanding

The Salvation Army thrift store at Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street, long-rumored to be the possible location for Brooklyn’s first Apple Store (much to the dismay of Downtown-promoting borough president Marty Markowitz) was the subject of renewed speculation last week, when construction permits for a new two-story building at the site were filed. But the Brooklyn Paper ended those rumors, reporting this morning that the new building will just be a larger and nicer (hopefully, inevitably) Salvation Army thrift store. There’s no timetable for construction, the plan is to replace the current one-story shop’s upper floors, which have been boarded up since a fire 15 years ago. The Bedford Avenue location is one of the Salvation Army’s highest-grossing stores.