Someone Tied a Mouse to a Rat and Threw Them Over a Powerline

12/03/2010 3:56 PM |

rat and a mouse

Someone, apparently, at some point this week, thought it funny, or something, to tie two dead animals together and send them aloft, shoe-style, to leave them ensnared on a power line. That’s obvious enough. What’s less obvious is how to answer the questions it might beg: What? How? And what does this mean? Or anyway, WTF?

A perhaps less obvious question, which we now pose to you: What’s the best caption for pics of this ‘prank’?

My suggestion was, “The poetics of twain rodentia and power lines.” The editor didn’t like that. He likes something more like, “Someone tied a mouse to a rat and sent them skyward.” [Ed. See headline.]

Well now, dear Reader, how would you caption it?

(Note: One does not necessarily condone this practice. One could also not not take a picture. Moreover, one wonders how much longer they’ll be hanging there despite phone calls requesting their deposition. One could depose them oneself, sure, but one is only 66.5″ tall on a good day, in boots. Plus, umm, plague or whatever.)

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