Stop What You’re Doing and Go Buy the New Pains of Being Pure at Heart 7″

12/14/2010 10:16 AM |


And when we tell you to go buy it, we mean push yourself away from your computer, stand up from your desk, go outside and enjoy the crisp, frigid winter day, as you make your way toward your nearest independent record store*, where you will take a few dollars out of your pocket, and purchase an actual, physical copy of it, which you can hold and feel and smell and admire for being pressed on purple vinyl. When you get it home later, you’ll sit on the floor next to your record player and listen to the A-side, “Heart in Your Heartbreak,” while doing absolutely nothing else except maybe looking a little more closely at the beautiful, substantial packaging and cover art. When that song is over, you’ll flip the record and listen to B-side “The One,” still while doing nothing else. Just listening. When you’re finished, you might want to listen a few more times. Now you’re free to let the rest of your life carry on as usual. Maybe make yourself some dinner. Maybe hang some Christmas decorations. After a little while, or maybe after a few seconds, you’ll realize that, jeez, this is how listening to records is supposed to feel. And then you’ll realize that, jeez, these two Pains of Being Pure at Heart songs are worlds better than all the really great stuff they’ve already done, and that, jeez, if this is any indication of what’s in store for us on the full-length they’ve got scheduled for release in March, then we have an awful lot to look forward to.

* We’re also ok with it if you skip this part and just go ahead and order it from Insound. We know you’re busy and all, and that maybe the cold took you buy surprise and you don’t have a warm enough hat to be traipsing around any more than you already have to.