The Commodore Gets Even More Awesome With Cold Pizza Brunch

12/02/2010 8:36 AM |


Every responsible drunk knows that the tastiest thing after a raging bender is a piece of frigid pizza from the night before. That’s why we’re excited for L Magazine favorite The Commodore’s delightfully low-brow cold pizza brunch. The owners are buying up 10 pizzas from Best Pizza (the new pizza place in the old Brooklyn Star space in Williamsburg backed by people from the Brooklyn Star and Roberta’s) on Saturday night and storing them in the walk-in until morning. On Sunday all you have to do is pop in at noon and start chowing down on free pizza.

The bar will be serving its normal drink menu, meaning you can get inappropriately hammered before most of the neighborhood is even out of bed. In case you’ve never been to Best Pizza before, you should know that it’s a great little place, an unpretentious spot with tasty slices and fill-your-own pitchers of Bud for $13. I recommend getting drunk off cheap Bud and pizza at night and then getting over your hang-over with free pizza and cocktails in the morning. The circle of life, my friends, the circle of life …