The L’s Best Films of 2010

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12/08/2010 4:00 AM |

Nicolas Rapold’s Top 10

#1 Carlos

Olivier Assayas

Run it through the Assayasizer: the rock-star hubris and oblivion of a somewhat incompetent terrorist, amidst the passing of eras in geopolitics.

#2 Everyone Else

Maren Ade’s extraordinary dramatization of the drift, the shift in the weather system that develops between two people in a relationship when something’s afoot but no one knows yet where or how far it will go.

#3 The Father of My Children

Mia Hansen-Love’s act of candid discretion in portraying a depressive producer, the pursuit of artistic goals, and the aftermath of a family left behind.

#4 The Oath

Laura Poitras: “It’s a bit of a mindfuck, but he is.” Genuinely, persuasively, and intelligently ambiguous look at former Bin Laden associate Abu Jandal.

#5 Oki’s Movie

Hong Sang-soo’s daisy-chained stories play out affairs of the heart in and around a film school, mortifyingly funny but also unexpectedly cutting to the quick.

#6 Ruhr

James Benning’s first HD feature is a series of superb compositions with well-wrought sound that foster an exquisitely heightened awareness.

#7 The Robber

“An intelligently shot study in self-control and calculated release,” is what I thought of director Benjamin Heisenberg’s film, and still do.

#8 Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese’s slow boat to crazy, an island that’s one of his most potent visions of the self trapped, impregnable, and exposed all at once.

#9 The Social Network

The control-freak fantasies of a shut-out master coder make for fast, catchy entertainment in the hands of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin.

#10 Poto and Cabengo/Routine Pleasures

Rep pick! Jean-Pierre Gorin’s two terrific essay films on twin girls suspected of having an idolect, and model-train hobbyists.