Tonight: Heirloom Apples and COOOKIES!

12/16/2010 4:44 PM |

The esteemed judge for tonights festivities.

  • The esteemed judge for tonight’s festivities.

There are a lot of amateur cooking competitions these days (Chili Takedown, Brooklyn Food Experiments, etc.) but most require a lot of prep and a registration fee. Forget that; the 3rd Annual Cookie Jamboree just requires you show up with a bunch of homemade cookies, set them down and then go listen to some live music. No entry fee, no long list of official rules. Contestants and people who simply want to get drunk and eat cookies both get in for free. This year’s festivities are being held at Good Co., with live music provided by a slew of local bands including Animal Hands, which sounds like a made-up band name someone created to make fun of the Brooklyn music scene, but no, they’re real and pretty good.

The contestants will be judged by food blog Me So Hungry along with bands This Frontier Needs Heroes and Justice of the Unicorns, because nothing goes together better than homemade cookies and indie rock.

7:30pm, Good Co., 10 Hope Street, Williamsburg

Also on the schedule tonight is a class on heirloom apples taught by Red Jacket Orchards at Bushwick’s 3rd Ward. For $20 you’ll learn about the history of heirloom apples, the many different varieties of apples and how small farms like Red Jacket are trying to bring them back. Also, you’ll get to relive America’s pastime, getting drunk on hard cider, the preferred alcoholic beverage of 18th Century Americans. You’ll also get to taste plenty of different heirloom apples and non-alcoholic ciders.

7pm, 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave, Bushwick