Will Ryman’s Rose Sculptures to Sprout on Park Avenue

12/30/2010 1:09 PM |

Will Ryman Park Avenue roses

Bowery-based sculptor Will Ryman, whose large, rough-hewn figurative sculptures have become increasingly visible over the last ten years, will be planting some of his trademark roses on Park Avenue in his first public art show early next year.

Our Town sorta-recently reported that, Ryman will install new sculptures (rendered above) from the series of large, person-sized roses that have appeared at Marlborough Gallery, 7 World Trade Center, and other places, on the Park Avenue median between 57th and 67th Streets (where, last year, there were sheep) next month, which will stay in bloom until they’re cut down at the end of May. Between this and Isa Genzken’s thorny sculpture at the New Museum, the city’s public sculpture sites are in full bloom. (ArtDaily, image courtesy Will Ryman)