Wtf? Billburg Bar Lucky Dog Getting Sued for Beer Delivery Dog Bite

12/22/2010 10:36 AM |

Lucky Dog

  • Moonshine, however, will bite you.

This is terrible, stupid news. Apparently some beer-delivery jackhat is suing both Williamsburg bar Lucky Dog (my favorite bar in the world) and the owner of the building, because he claims to have been bitten by a chained pit bull all the way back in June.

Of course, Lucky Dog, despite its name, does not have a house dog and wouldn’t chain up a pit bull in harm’s way. The bar’s owners, Sal and Bill, are just about the nicest guys you could ever meet, and they’re also really conscientious members of the community. (I’ll be looking into the details more today, as the Post piece seems a bit hazy).

Frivolous lawsuits, it would seem, are just one of the occupational hazards of small business ownership on Bedford Avenue, as this sort of thing once happened to my wife (who used to own a bookstore where the Cheese Shop is now): one day she got a letter from a lawyer on behalf of a woman who “had fallen on the uneven pavement out front of the store”—my wife, in her infinite wisdom (and pique) laughed and threw the letter in the garbage. And that was that.

Let’s hope the ridiculous Lucky Dog lawsuit goes the same way: quickly and quietly. (Also, Sal and Bill: don’t let the bastards get you down).