Young Art Star James Franco Plans Next Exhibition in Berlin

12/20/2010 10:29 AM |

James Franco art

Following the semi-positive reception of his solo debut this summer at Clocktower Gallery in Tribeca, everything man James Franco will be making his international art premiere in Berlin in February (to coincide with the city’s film festival, which he’ll be attending as research for his day job—professional Oscar host) at Peres Projects, whose founder Javier Peres has a history of successfully exporting attractive young New Yorkers—past collaborators include Terence Koh and the late Dash Snow. Peres tells ArtInfo: “There will be the same videos as at the Clocktower, but more drawings, as well as paintings and photographs.” But won’t Berliners just fawn over Franco much the same way New Yorkers tend to?

Franco’s de facto dealer maintains that the young (art) star’s work will be judged more honestly in Europe. Peres says:

We don’t have the same general fixation on [celebrity] in Germany. In Berlin, really famous people can walk down the street without problems or bodyguards. Here, James will be judged based on the merits of work.

At this rate, a full-scale museum retrospective can’t be far off. (ArtInfo)