Young New Yorkers Who Are Better Than You

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12/22/2010 1:00 AM |

Every year they come, young people from across the country and around the world, to make it big in New York City. Many will fail with merciful speed, others will toil for years until they see some small amount of accomplishment. A very few will find success pretty much right away: we envy these people, and they make us crazy, but they also remind us of what is possible, and why we came here in the first place…

Brant Stuns & Andrew McKee

The Young Friends
18 years old

In April, under the guidance of The Drums, these two 18-year-olds released an EP called Hella, containing plenty of nods to the Beach Boys, the sun, and the preppy kids at school. Now that the duo has moved from Phoenix to Brooklyn, we can claim them as our youngest, most eager beach band yet.

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  • this kid is amazing! bob dylan reincarnated

  • wait, really? all of these ppl are white kids (except maybe for one? can’t tell) who are artists (i guess), and the token two black kids are our resident basketball stars (at least it doesnt mention how they overcame poverty and a crack-addicted pappy). ain’t there any editors of color at l willing to point out how backwards/imbalanced this article seems?

  • lol, how are they not artists? they have all worked very hard to get where they have (trust me, I am sure) and it is not their faults that the editor/author of the article (who the artists have no control over) chose mostly caucasian males and females. They are all on the rise regardless of ethnicity (and YES, they are still better than you avt). Why don’t you stop waisting your time posting comments that will not invoke or even spark any sort of change because of there pointlessness and stupidity. Go promote “ethnic artists” in a more influential setting loser. stop hatinnn