Mixtapes for Modern Life

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01/19/2011 1:00 AM |

Songs To Wake Up To

By Dan Friel and BJ Warshaw of Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor’s new album, Constant Future, is due out on March 8, via Jagjaguar.

1. Liars – “Rose and Licorice”- Listen here

Beautiful Oneida cover from the Liars/Oneida 2002 split. Listen and be healed.

2. Albert Ayler – “Omega”- Listen here

Three minutes and twenty seconds of ecstatic horns and harpsichord. Harpsichord kinda nails the whole waking up thing.

3. Sunroof – “Machine”

Twinkling synths, bubbling drones, sunny chimes (BJ used this with an MP3 alarm clock for a while to fantastic results.)

4. Th’ Faith Healers – “Sparklingly Chime”

Sweet, underrated, 90s shoegaze/kraut rock from the UK, emphasis on rock.

5. Can – “Future Days”- Listen here

Slow building, peaceful, classic, hugs.

6. Kemialliset Ystavat – “Kajastusmuseo” – Listen here

Playful Finnish psych experiments. Sounds like a brain starting to work.

7. Terry Riley – “A Rainbow in Curved Air”- Listen here

Mystical 60s electronic jams. 18+ minutes long. Possibly the perfect choice.

8. Chet Atkins – “Swedish Rhapsody” – Listen here

Try and have a bad morning. Seriously. Step out of bed into a puddle of cat puke. It’s cool.

9. Godflesh – “Spite” – Listen here

90s industrial riff destruction. The day cowers before you.

10. Deerhoof – “This Magnificent Bird Will Rise” – Listen here

One of my favorite opening tracks of any record. Use it to start anything.

11. Rashid Ali and Frank Lowe – “Duo Exchange – Part 1”


12. James Brown – Any of the high speed instrumental interludes from Live at the Apollo

Well, or any of the rest of it.

13. Swans – “Half Life” – Listen here

Possibly the strongest recorded argument ever for just staying in bed. Ambition is senseless. Learn from Experience.