5 Rappers Wearing Jewel-Encrusted Portraits of Themselves

01/14/2011 10:26 AM |

File photo of Lord Kanye West, awash in ice.

  • File photo of Lord Kanye West, awash in ice.

Yesterday the internet learned, with no small measure of delight, that multi-platinum recording artist and notorious ridiculous person Kanye West had procured a custom-made, $180,000 gold watch, the face of which features, what else, Kanye’s face in 8 karats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds. It reportedly took New York-based custom watch-maker Tiret over five months to create the jewel-encrusted portrait. Absurd as Kanye’s purchase may seem, following the rap logic by which one adorns oneself in platinum and diamond-encrusted effigies of the things one worships (money, cars, microphones, guns, etc.) then clearly any self-aggrandizing rapper worth his shine should be wearing his own bejeweled image. Here are a few who followed through.

Kanye West’s Kanye West watch:

Kanye Wests self-portrait watch

Plies holds up two stylized self-portrait pendants:

Plies with self-portrait pendants

Will.i.am rocking a Lego hat and Lego self-portrait pendant:

Will.i.am chain pendant

Pharrell Williams’s N.E.R.D. group portrait pendant:

Pharrell Williams N.E.R.D. chain

Rick Ross rocking his portrait pendant:

Rick Ross and his self-portrait pendant

And, the winner, a pendant in which Rick Ross’s bejeweled likeness is wearing a Rick Ross portrait pendant (what?):

Rick Ross and his self-portrait pendents self-portrait pendent