Brooklyn Bridge Park Applies for Floating Pool Permit

01/05/2011 9:41 AM |

floating pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Back in 2007 (or 3 BBBP—Before Brooklyn Bridge Park) the waterfront stretch of Brooklyn between the end of Old Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue was just a series of empty warehouses and parking lots—all of which have since been torn up/down and sprouted green space, bike lanes and fancy food and drink carts (and possible future condos)—and the lack of loungeable greenery was compensated for with a beautiful floating swimming pool. That first vessel is now moored in the Bronx, but the Daily News reports that Brooklyn Bridge Park officials have just applied for a permit for a new pool (which will cost between $5-$10 million) with the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

The proposed pool would be installed a little further south than the previous floater, closer to Atlantic Avenue, making it also a bit of an added amenity for residents of nearby condo project One Brooklyn Bridge Park. Maybe they can be made to pay for this somehow… Or perhaps the park could save a little money by setting up a pool-share program with the proposed Dumbo floating pool. (BrooklynHeightsBlog, photo: wesleyrosenblum/Flickr)