Brooklyn Cyclist Killed This Morning, Update: On BQE at 4am

01/20/2011 10:37 AM |

BQE Atlantic Avenue Cyclist Death

Update: The Carrol Gardens Patch is reporting that, contrary to previous reports, the cyclist who was truck twice and killed very early this morning was in fact riding on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in the middle westbound lane, near the Atlantic Avenue onramp. He remains unidentified, but was in his 40s. The first car that hit him was a 2005 black Lincoln town car. The second was a 2009 Toyota Camry. Though initial reports had the first motorist fleeing the scene, it seems now that both cars stayed at the scene. The NYPD says that no arrests have been made.

Brooklyn Heights Blog is reporting that this morning at around 4:30am a cyclist riding on the westbound BQE ramp at Atlantic Avenue (pictured) was killed after being hit by two motorists, the first of whom didn’t stop. WABC adds that after the second driver hit him and stopped (the victim’s name hasn’t been released, but has been identified as a man) the cyclist was taken to Long Island College Hospital where he was pronounced dead. It’s unclear whether he was on the ramp, or actually on the Expressway, neither of which is a legal place to ride a bicycle in New York City. The driver from the first collision is still at large.

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