Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Steiner Studios to Double in Size

01/18/2011 1:26 PM |

Entrance to Steiner Studios

The Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Steiner Studios—which, according to its presumably self-edited Wikipedia page, is “the largest film and television production studio complex outside of Hollywood”—is about to get a whole lot larger, having just secured financing to build another 11 soundstages to go with the five it already has.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Shelley Banjo writes today that Steiner Studios has just secured some $90.5 million, with which it will expand from 310,000 square feet to 590,000, tripling its collection of soundstages in the process.

Most of the new soundstages will be on the small side, hence the not-so-substantial increase in square-footage, to accommodate smaller productions like webisodes and other non-studio-backed fare. The Studios’ chairman, Doug Steiner, tells the WSJ that about $65 million will come from private investors, $10-$20 million from him, and the rest from the gubment. The project should break ground in the coming months, and will be part of Steiner’s long-term project to expand the Studios from 15 to 50 acres.

Since opening in 2004, Steiner Studios has been used by many high-profile film and television productions, including Spike Lee’s Inside Man, Disney’s Enchanted, the American remake of Funny Games, Spider-Man 3, Bored to Death and Boardwalk Empire. Later this year Men in Black III will be filming at Steiner Studios.

Steiner Studios Soundstage Interior