Can Girls Ride Bikes?

01/19/2011 4:00 AM |

Dear Audrey,

You probably have been asked this question in the past, but curiosity got the best of me. I do not know if you ride a bicycle or not, but here it is: When a woman is riding a bicycle, is there any kind of clitorial stimulation happening when she is ALL OVER that seat? I am seeing more and more women seriously humping those seats, and boy, does my dick get hard!! For me, as I ride, I get an occasional hard-on, and quite a few times I actually came, especially when a woman rides up in front of me!! (An extraordinary wild tease!!)�‚ I have to be careful, though, and not crash and break my hard on!! I do remember seeing a porn movie in which a woman rode a stationary exercise bike with a strap-on dildo mounted on the seat… That beautiful memory has me wondering hard every time I see a bike-riding woman!! So, do bike-riding orgasms happen?�‚ Thank you and stay sexual!!

You too? I guess? Though I probably don’t need to tell you that? To answer your question, I’m sure there are women who are aroused by biking. Depending on how you sit on the seat, yes, there is some possibility that the clit or other sensitive parts might get rubbed. Here’s the thing, though, that I feel like you guys who write in to me about whether or not women orgasm while doing x or y don’t get: women are more in their brains, sexually, than you think.

A clit is a very sensitive organ, and it’s extremely easy to go from pleasing stimulation to irritating chafing. It’s my sense that, in general (and of course, everyone’s different, but in general), if a lady is moving through the world feeling horny, thinking sexual thoughts, looking to be aroused, then something like the rubbing of a bike seat (or the caress of stockings or tampons or the gentle rhythm of a horse trotting or whatever else y’all dudes are always asking me about) could be arousing, possibly even to the point of orgasm. But if some chick is just trying to get to work through annoying traffic, not thinking about sex at all, then she probably won’t even notice what’s going on with the bike seat.

I’m sure there are women out there with bike fetishes; I’m sure there are people out there with those porn bikes you saw. I doubt most of the women you see pedalling around are secretly swooning in ecstasy, though. Sorry to take the cream out of your bike shorts.

Also, uh, just a point of clarification: some chick biking around town isn’t teasing you. You’re free to get whatever bike boner you want, but when you ascribe the intention to sexually arouse you to a woman just trying to move through the world, that is when you move into the realm of not cool. That and whatever is going on with all the exclamation points.

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