East River Could Get Country’s First Tidal Turbines

01/04/2011 2:43 PM |

Verdant Power turbines

Brooklyn’s already got solar and wind covered, but it looks like Queens will beat us to the city’s (and the country’s) first tidal power installation, which may be built in the East River’s East Channel between Roosevelt Island and Astoria. City Room reports that Roosevelt Island-based company Verdant Power (a company, on Roosevelt Island, what?!), which specializes in “marine renewable energy,” has just filed a federal application to build as many as 30 tidal power turbines at the bottom of the channel.

Between 2006 and 2008 the company had installed six turbines there as part of a test program, and despite a few broken blades due to the strength of the current, the project was deemed a success, and supplied actual electrical power to local businesses. Dangers to local fish populations, a major concern, turned out to be non-existent. If/when the new project goes ahead—likely sometime in the fall—it would be the first tidal power system in the world to directly into the national electrical grid. Yay, Queens! (Another interesting factoid: The East River, that arbitrarily named stretch of water that connects Long Island Sound, New York Harbor and the Harlem River, is technically a “tidal strait.”) (Curbed, photo credit: Verdant Power)

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  • its about time we need a combination of all energies oil{drill here drill now} wind, solar,wave. we need to develop all of these now. take away from spending money all over the world(the middle east i feel we don t belong there)could you imagen taking those billions of dollars and investing it back into this country. hey mister president and congress this is what the american people want. we need to invest in this country now we need more jobs like the this one to get us going