Follow @LMagFilm on Twitter, for L Mag Film Tweets

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01/24/2011 3:17 PM |


“I love The L Magazine’s film section,” we hear you saying, “and only wish that it was easier to interact with it over the internet.” When you say this, your voice sounds weirdly like Werner Herzog’s. You continue: “I would love to be able to check in to receive links to reviews and blog posts from the L, good film-related reads and engrossing videos from across the web, hot news and enlightened commentary, NYC screening tips, and lots of content related either directly or tangentially to my all-time favorite actor, Eric Roberts.”

Well! Starting now, The L’s film section is on Twitter, where we aim to provide all that and more. We’d encourage you to follow us @LMagFilm (“at @LMagFilm”? Anybody?), where our unique perspective on NYC cinephilia articulates itself 140 characters at a time.

So far, there have been two tweets. Only one of them has been about Eric Roberts. Follow us, quickly, lest you miss another. (Also, I will probably get drunk on Red Stag and liveblog the Oscars at some point.)