Greenpoint Demands Its Waterfront Back

01/18/2011 4:39 PM |

When the gates are open

  • When the gates are open

Greenpoint residents and officials are renewing efforts to tear down an illegal fence that has restricted public access to the waterfront for decades. The offending chain link gate, which is sometimes left open, stands at Noble and West streets; the end of the street has, a member of the local community board told the Post, “possibly the most spectacular view in Greenpoint.” Councilman Steve Levin has written transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan about the matter, and members of the community board have joined in, spawning a bona fide letter-writing campaign.

The fence belongs to Joshua Guttman, a notorious local developer and land owner some suspected was connected to an arson in 2006 near the controversial fence. (A homeless person was arrested for that fire.)

North Brooklyn is notorious for its restricted waterfront access; the issue was a selling point for the Domino Project, whose developer promised new parkland along the East River.