Here’s Glenn Beck Reviewing the Spider-Man Musical

01/13/2011 10:38 AM |

Glenn Beck is Spider-Man

Glenn Beck made his theater-reviewing debut yesterday by discussing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark at great length, joining critics from Newsday and Bloomberg who’ve gone against protocol and broken the review embargo rule by which media must wait for a show to open before releasing reviews. And, unlike his convention-flouting cohorts, Beck really, really likes the problem-plagued musical.

After feigning (poorly) a French accent to mock the pessimism of stereotypical New York theater-goers (minutes after stating that he’s been seeing Broadway shows for thirty years), Beck praises every aspect of the production, from the wire fights and music to the acting and stunts. The best part, though, is his analysis of the rarely-discussed plot.

Turn Off the Dark, it turns out, is a musical blockbuster about the American academic-scientific industry’s god complex, the lies surrounding global warming rhetoric, and the villainous research funded by big government. Or, at least, that’s what Beck sees in it—we should probably give director and book-writer Julie Taymor the benefit of doubt here. But actually, as a bit of pop cultural analysis, this ain’t bad, it just happens to be coming from a radical conservative extremist with a cultish following and millions-strong radio listener-ship.