Introducing the Freshly Launched “Live at Shea Stadium,” Where You Can Stream Over 50 Hours of Live Music from Over 150 Bands

01/19/2011 1:48 PM |


If any of you have friends or family who live somewhere other than New York and who may sometimes wonder aloud just what the hell all this music is that you’re always talking about seeing performed live in Brooklyn, well, now you’ve got an easy way to let them know what they’re missing.

Just this morning Williamsburg recording studio/venue Shea Stadium launched Live at Shea Stadium, an extremely ambitious website offering streaming audio of a huge chunk of the shows that have taken place there during the past couple years. At the moment, the site features over 50 hours of music from over 150 bands, many of which are local. You can hear sets (or portions of sets) by Grooms, The Beets, Beach Fossils, Small Black, The So So Glos, and many, many more, including basically every band you’ve ever read about in these pages.

This is an incredibly valuable resource and a fascinating document of our music scene, and it’s only going to get better: more shows will be added to the archive over time, plus new shows just a week or two after they happen. We’ll have more in this later in the week—in the meantime, you’ve got some listening to do.