Kidnapped Dog Recently Reunited with Dog Fiancé, To Wed Tonight (There Will Be Dog Tuxedos)

01/22/2011 3:23 PM |

archie and edith

  • Now picture them in a tuxedo and a gown.

Maybe you remember the sad then happy, then really sad, then really happy, story of Archie and Edith, the two senior lap dogs who lost their home, and were taken in by BARC in Williamsburg? Edith was kidnapped a few months ago by a lunatic, separating her from Archie for the first and only time in 12 years… reports of his despondency devastated dog lovers across Brooklyn.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of several detectives, Edith was found and the happy (if scruffy) couple was reunited—never again to be torn asunder, it would seem: tonight the elderly pair celebrate their nuptials at Nita Nita from 7 to 9 pm. In lieu of gifts, the bride and groom will be asking for contributions to help purchase new beds for their fellow shelter occupants. And we’ve been told the newlyweds will be decked out in full formal regalia. So yeah, dog in a tuxedo.

From the event announcement:

Archie and Edith have been together for 12 years. They have had many ups and downs in their lives but are living peacefully at BARC while they wait for their forever home. Even though they have been in love for so long, it took until Edith was stolen from their kennel that Archie realized he never wanted to be apart from her again, and so he proposed!

In lieu of gift, Archie and Edith would like your support in purchasing new beds for their canine family at BARC. Their goal is to purchase 25 beds which are $40 each. Donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted.

Also, the participants excepted, this event is humans only.