Note to Self: Watch a Live Webcast of The Decemberists at 3pm

01/19/2011 2:40 PM |


Who loves The Decemberists more: NPR or The L Magazine? It’s a trick question; our love is equal. This works out well, as NPR will be streaming a webcast of the band performing all tracks from their new album, The King Is Dead, in front of a live studio audience at Portland radio station, Oregon Public Broadcasting, today at 3pm. The show not only kicks off a national tour — one that includes three sold-out shows later this month at Beacon Theatre — but will feature an interview with Meloy and team, as well as a Q&A session with presumably bespectacled (’cause they read so much) audience members. Click here to watch, and tune in to Leno tomorrow to see them perform “Down by the Water” on fancy network television.