NYPD Handed Out Over 1,400 Summonses in First Two Weeks of Bike Law Crackdown

01/24/2011 11:42 AM |

Bike ped car respect sign

This morning the Post reports—with the genocidal headline “All out to end the ‘cycle’“—that since announcing its new effort to actually enforce traffic laws as they apply to cyclists at the beginning of this month the NYPD has issued upwards of 1,400 summonses to cyclists in three boroughs. That number seems high, but then again: “The NYPD did not have the exact number of bicycle tickets written out in Manhattan over any other two-week period, but sources are sure they broke a record in early January.” Okay…

The ticket breakdown by borough for the first two weeks of January looks like this: 979 in Manhattan (mostly in Central Park, it seems), 315 in Brooklyn and 167 in Queens. The ticketed infractions include riding in the wrong direction, running through red lights, making illegal turns and cycling on the sidewalk.

Another ill-informed anonymous police source tells the Post reporters: “I think the moral of the story is it’s not just obey the rules of the road, but to utilize the bike lanes and safety first,” echoing the apparently widespread misconception that cyclists should only ride on streets with bike lanes. So, in summary, the NYPD handed out what seems like lots of tickets—but might actually be a completely typical number of tickets—to cyclists in the first two weeks of January. Now would probably be a good time to start keeping track of the number of tickets you issue to cyclists, as, presumably, you already do for motorists.

(Curbed, image: Streetsblog)