Our Favorite Brooklynites, Their Favorite Things

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01/19/2011 1:00 AM |

Brooklyn has good taste. There, we said it. Sure, it’s a bit of a running joke—everything in (the gentrified part of) the borough is artisanal, or antique, or unique, or local, or somehow special and perfect—but, well, we think it’s ok to like really nice things, and to live one’s life in search of experiences and objects both interesting and beautiful (of course, there’s a darkside to this: see Tom McCormack’s “Against Curation”). It can, however, be a little overwhelming, so it’s nice to have friends with really good taste to help us “curate” our lives… We asked a few of our friends to tell us the five things they currently love, that we might lead richer, more beautiful lives.

Isaac Chung: Filmmaker, Boerum Hill

1. Minnie and Moskowitz (1971) by John Cassavetes

Only released on VHS, it is one of my favorite comedies. I saw it for the first time this past year, and any time I feel down, I go to YouTube and watch the Zelmo scene.

2. Artisan and Artist’s Leather Camera Straps

Perfect weight and texture for the way I coil the strap around my wrist while taking photos. I have one for each of my film cameras, having paid $75 per strap. The price is crazy, but I can’t break the habit.

3. Conversations between the veteran store clerks at Adorama Camera

For instance:
Clerk 1: “A sign of a good wife is that she apologizes when she is wrong.”
Clerk 2: “No, a good wife should apologize even when she is right.”
Clerk 1: “Now that’s a good wife… But why would you want that?”

4. The head cheesemonger at Fairway in Red Hook

I don’t know his name, but stop by and ask for a few samples. He will give you a greater appreciation for cheese.

5. Print Space New York on 19th and 7th

The best darkroom in America.