Parodying the Parody: British Art Blog Launches the Not-Rob Pruitt’s Art Awards

01/06/2011 12:47 PM |

Not Rob Pruitts Art Awards trophy

Irascible British art blog Cathedral of Shit has had it with the falsely ironic, increasingly genuinely competitive Rob Pruitt Art Awards, so they’re taking suggestions for nominees in their inaugural Not Rob Pruitt’s Art Awards. Categories include “The Bill Viola Worst Artist Award 2011,” the “Heinz Beans Award for the Best Blog” and “The International Award for the Most Pointless Human Being,” which sounds especially cutting. We’re surprised they didn’t include the “Jeff Koons Award for Worst Art Vehicle,” the “Lower East Side Award for Most Roaches in a Gallery,” and the “Absolut Award for Best Opening Reception Drinks.” Rumor has it James Franco will host. Nominate early and often. (ArtInfo)