Post Gets Lazy With Latest Anti-Bike Attack

01/27/2011 4:16 PM |

snow bike

As Gothamist points out, today’s mandatory bit of anti-bike sentiment from the Post is even lazier than the last. (Could this be a sign that the recent glut of bike wars news is coming to an end, please?) Rather than soliciting another rant from Steve Cuozzo they let three readers weigh in, one of whom tells of the dangers of cycling in the Bronx, while an Upper East Sider reports that the bike law crackdown isn’t doing much deterring, but not before G. Davis of Staten Island makes his opinions on bike ridership known.

G. Davis, writing from the borough that removed its main bike lane late last year, feels thusly:

These bikers are arrogant, obnoxious and dangerous to pedestrians and motorists. They obviously think that they own the streets and are above the law. This applies not just to food delivery people, but to bikers who commute and recreational bikers, as well.

Well, at least his irrational hatred of cyclists doesn’t discriminate between types of bikers.