Queens Clobbers Brooklyn in Newtown Money Vote

01/11/2011 1:01 PM |


Coordinated high school students triumphed in last year’s vote on how to spend $7 million for improvements to the Newtown Creek waterfront. The plan for a Queens-side park would cost $3 million, and involve acquiring Dutch Kills Basin: the purchasing of private industrial land, as well as the razing of some buildings, the Post reports.

This doesn’t mean that groundbreaking on a new park will begin; the final say-so on how the money’ll get spent lies with the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, which will make a decision later in the year.

In a soundly trounced second place was the Wetlands Rehabilitation Project, a $2 million project that would create artificial wetlands around the creek with the hopes of cleansing the waterway; not far behind was the plan for a Greenpoint Boathouse and Education Center—a plan which would have placed first had the vote been confined to adults, as it topped the ballots for those of drinking age or older. Brooklyn would have gotten away from it, if it hadn’t have been for those darn kids!

699 votes were cast; full voting results are available in a pdf from the Open Space Alliance. One plan we liked, the Green Eggs biosculpture project, placed 16th out of 22. Oh well.