RIP Trish Keenan, Singer of Broadcast

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01/14/2011 11:01 AM |

Trish Keenan, the singer of the British band Broadcast, has died of pneumonia, the band’s record label, Warped, announced today. (She had contracted H1N1.) Broadcast’s 60s-retro psychedelia, with its strange, cold instrumentation, was made welcoming, even catchy by Keenan’s cool, chanteuse-y voice. You know the songs, if you went to college last decade, even if you don’t remember them. (They sound older than they are.) Here’s “Colour Me In,” from 2003’s Haha Sound:

And here’s “America’s Boy,” from 2005’s Tender Buttons:

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  • That’s amazingly sad. Tender Buttons is a really great, underrated record. I saw them last year! (and other banal, insufficient statements…)

  • The Noise Made By People was one of the first records I ever reviewed (in high school). I called it “21st Century Gregorian Pop,” or somesuch. I like the subsequent ones more: they loosened up that futuristic recorded-in-a-cathedral ambience, with hip-to-groovy results, and Trish’s voice sounded echo-y and inviting over (or under) it.

    This all is, of course, inexplicable and very sad.