Things to Eat (and Booze) This Weekend: Oklahoma BBQ, Chili Dogs and Craft Beer

01/21/2011 8:07 PM |

Working for the weekend? Then goddamnit, do it right by stuffing your face with delicious meat and beer. Luckily you have quite a few new options to try out this weekend.


Mable’s Smokehouse: Williamsburg needed a new hearty Southern comfort food spot like I needed a hole in my head and yet they still keep opening. All will be forgiven if its actually any good. Mable’s Smokehouse will be serving up meaty entrees like pulled pork, St. Louis ribs and hot links flown in from Schwab’s in Oklahoma. We might actually be more excited about the late-night bar snacks: pulled pork tamales, homemade corn nuts and frito pie.

Crif Dogs: If you haven’t read my original post, just know that you can expect the same thing that you can at the St. Marks Crif Dogs location minus the secret bar in the phone booth.

Tuffet: Housed in the space of a former beauty salon in East Williamsburg, Tuffet is serving Gimme coffee along with craft beers, cocktails, around 15 different cheeses, charcuterie and bread from Amy’s Bread.

Cobble Hill

Local 61: This bar is owned by a Sixpoint alum, so you know its gonna have good beer, and the menu was developed by Murray’s Cheese vet Chris Munsey, so you know the food is going to be good. What else do you need really?

Brucie: My wonderfully talented L Magazine co-foodie Kara Zuaro “was charmed by the “funky” space, the warmth of the staff, and the promising Italian-American menu” at new the new Italian grocery/cafe Brucie.

Tucson, Arizona

Boca Tacos y Tequila: Buy your plane ticket and your taste for wild game, because this crazy Arizona restaurant is taking reservations for its lion tacos, made with real African lion meat. Arizona; it just keeps getting better and better.