This Destroyer Video Is Just Too Weird Not to Watch

01/06/2011 2:11 PM |

On his new album, Kaputt, Destroyer‘s Dan Bejar showcases his way of combining musical elements that most people just wouldn’t fathom to put together. As if to drive home the point, the video for the record’s first single draws together stories of a geeky kid, a parched man lost in the desert, and a whale. I was totally following along until the desert scene, but, even still, Bejar leans more towards endearing eccentric than pretentious absurdist, incorporating gentle touches of humor along the way (kid blowing his nose at the beginning, the desert man drinking a glass of water underwater at the end). I like it, even though I don’t really understand why.

On April 3, he’ll hit up Webster Hall with an eight-piece orchestra which won’t include Kenny G on sax but probably should, in support of Katputt, due out January 25 via Merge.