Video Artist Enters Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipe Contest, Hilarious Grossness Ensues

01/31/2011 11:37 AM |

Last year Philly-based video and performance artist Jenny Drumgoole submitted a series of videos to a Philadelphia Cream Cheese recipe contest—in which women presented recipes, cooking show-style, using the popular spread. In the first (above) Drumgoole sculpts a stop-motion animated head of Rambo from 20 blocks of cream cheese. Later, a five-day cream cheese cleanse makes her numb to pain and gives her 3D vision.

She didn’t win the competition, but she did get a solo show of the videos at Philadelphia’s Levy Gallery. And the internet got a hilariously disgusting series of recipe videos that make Cookin’ With Coolio look like The French Chef. Don’t try these at home (or anywhere, for that matter).

Mother’s Day tea cakes, with mini pickles, shredded carrots, pasta sauce, marshmallows and breadcrumbs.

Mac & Cheese, an ancient Mayan recipe:

The five-day cream cheese cleanse:

Scalloped potatoes with cream cheese:

Cream cheese pasta caprese, assembled entirely in the bathroom, shortly after Drumgoole learns she’s been eliminated from the contest: