Windsor Terrace Soon to Be Unreachable By Subway

01/06/2011 8:58 AM |


Life on the F/G line is about to become totally, totally fucked. Starting in May, the Smith-Ninth Street station is closing until “Spring 2012” (yes, twenty-twelve); when it re-opens, Coney Island-bound service still won’t be reinstated until the fall of that year.

It gets worse. Much, much worse.

Starting in the fall of this year, there will be no Coney Island-bound service at 15th St.-Prospect Park or Ft. Hamilton Parkway stations, effectively isolating Windsor Terrace from visitors from the north. (Or, you know, people trying to get home from their jobs in Manhattan.) It will also make it impossible to travel to the Pavilion by subway. But the independent movie theater business can surely survive such a dip in boom times such as these? Construction will also continue into the Spring of 2012.

Coney Island-bound service will survive at the Fourth Avenue-Ninth Street station thanks to the temporary platform under construction, which we reported on earlier this week.


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