8 Things You Need to Know About Brooklyn’s Racist and Gay-Hating Assemblyman Dov Hikind

02/02/2011 3:55 PM |

Everyones Out to Get Me! Ill Get Them All!

  • “Everyone’s Out to Get Me! I’ll Get Them All!”

Borough Park Assemblyman Dov Hikind made the papers this week and last when his vocal opposition to a Brooklyn College adjunct’s syllabus got the educator fired, setting off a controversy that embarrassed the college, sullied its reputation and academic standing on a national level, and ended with the teacher’s reappointment.

Who is Dov Hikind?

He’s a democrat who has held his seat since being elected in 1982. He supported George W. Bush for president, has associations with a known terrorist group, and has courted controversy throughout his career for outlandish statements, actions and beliefs.

He supports racial profiling
The BBC reported that in 2005, Hikind called a press conference at which he “brandished mug-shots of the largely Middle Eastern men from the FBI’s ‘most wanted’ list, saying that all recent terrorists ‘look basically like this.'” The article adds: “Hikind denies that he is arguing for racial profiling, preferring the phrase ‘terrorist profiling.'” Hikind continued to say these kinds of things when given the chance to tone it down, even though the NYPD told him that racial profiling was “of doubtful effectiveness”.

He equates homosexuality with incest
In 2007, Hikind defended his opposition to gay marriage by sending a letter to the Observer that read, in part, “If we authorize gay marriage in the state of New York, those who want to live and love incestuously will be five steps closer to achieving their goals, as well.”

He denies the Holocaust [affected anyone but Jews]
When some petitioned a Holocaust memorial in Brooklyn to honor the memories of other persecuted groups, such as Roma, homosexuals and political prisoners, Hikind protested. “These people are not in the same category as Jewish people with regards to the Holocaust,” The Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying. “It is so vastly different.”

He opposes fire codes and asbestos removal
Believing the United Nations to be a “‘cesspool’ of racism, anti-Semitism, and opposition to Israel,” Hikind has consistently opposes renovations to the its building, the Sun reported, though NY1 reported in 2007 that “the buildings currently violate safety and fire codes and are said to be loaded with asbestos.”

He avoided federal indictment because, uh, he didn’t mean to take those bribes!
Federal investigators almost indicted Hikind for taking illegal payoffs from a social-services group. “Documents previously disclosed by the prosecution,” the Times reported, “charged that officials at [the group] who have already been indicted had diverted up to $15,000 of the organization’s funds to pay such expenses as school tuition for Mr. Hikind’s daughter and niece, a trip the Assemblyman and his family took to Israel, a car rental for him and a computer for his office.” Instead, he was acquitted—a rabbit took the fall—probably because a jury believed not that he didn’t take the money, but that he “did not receive the payments with corrupt intent.”

He once belonged to a group that has since been declared a terrorist organization
According to Jewish Week, Hikind was once a member of the Jewish Defense League. In 2001, the FBI declared the JDL to be a domestic terrorist group, though its members’ terrorist activities stretch back to the 1980s.

He believes Wax Arafat Poses a Threat New York
In 2001, while the state budget was weeks overdue, Hikind vowed to protect every New Yorker, even those miles from his district, from potentially offensive art works when he dragged several officials over to Madame Tussaud’s to protest a wax sculpture of Yassar Arafat. A Times columnist reported that they said “allowing his wax statue to stand yards from that of George Washington gives him legitimacy.” (English passersby, meanwhile, were surely offended by a statue of the terrorist general so close to the ocean that the U.S. and Great Britain share.)

He thinks terrorists are targeting Jews in Parkville
In 2005, Hikind nabbed $1.2 million in discretionary funding to install 120 CCTV security cameras in nine subway stations along the D, F and N lines in neighborhoods with significant Jewish populations. He “said the project was prompted by ‘concerns that the Jewish community would be targeted’ by terrorists,” the Times reported. “He added that he was not aware of any current threats.” The MTA did not install cameras similarly in any other stations in the city.

Hikind is clearly a racist and paranoid man with limited intellectual capacities. Worst of all, he’s a powerful politician who uses his clout to bully anyone who doesn’t share his hateful and paranoid beliefs.


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  • My grandpa was part of the JDL and he most definetly not a terrorist, just an American trying to lend his support to Israel any way he thought possible…didn’t Obama also befriend members of a terrorist group? But you guys love Obama, so when others mention that, theyre just being racist…

  • Who loves Obama? and btw, I just looked at the official JDL website, and under the category of “threats and adversaries” they have (at the very top of the list!!) “Assimilation and Intermarriage”. To quote: “The Jewish Defense League seeks to combat […] the threat of Jewish affection for the non-Jew. As if we face too few external threats, an alarming number of Jews willingly flee from Judaism into melting pots, secular “culture” and morality, and often most devastatingly the arms of non-Jewish spouses. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that assimilation and intermarriage have done more to destroy Jewish souls than most every form of persecution and act of genocide we have suffered as a people throughout time immemorial.”
    That’s some straight-up Jim Crow shit right there!!

  • His opposition to pedestrian safety measures is also worth noting: http://www.streetsblog.org/2010/12/01/dov-…

  • @gypsycab Obama wasn’t a member of the Weather Underground

  • You people commenting are extremely ignorant and know nothing of Jews