And Now, Let Us Watch Academy Award Winner Trent Reznor Scream “Fist Fuck”

02/28/2011 11:33 AM |

During last night’s abysmal, damn near unwatchable Academy Awards ceremony, Trent Reznor took home the Best Original Score statue for his work on The Social Network. In his acceptance speech, he did all the same things everyone always does: he thanked the academy, he explained how honored he was to be around incredibly talented people, like Sandra Bullock and Marky Mark, etc. And because the whole thing was sort of sad, in that he was just so full of reverence for a world that is so obviously silly, we will now console ourselves with the video for “Wish,” from the 1992 Nine Inch Nails EP, Broken, which has aged remarkably well. Pay close attention to the crazy pause 43 seconds in, and then pay even closer attention to the entire second verse. Then imagine the singer in your high school friends’ cover band changing the line “26 years on my way to hell” to “16 years, on my way to hell.” And then cringe, just a little. But not nearly as much as you did last night.