Driver Whose Near-Dooring Caused Brooklyn Cyclist’s Death Charged

02/02/2011 8:56 AM |

Jasmine Herron

On the evening of September 11, 2010 23-year-old Brooklynite Jasmine Herron (pictured) was run over and killed by a bus on Atlantic Avenue near Washington Avenue after swerving to dodge 24-year-old Staten Islander Krystal Francis’s opening car door. Monday, the Post reports, Francis—who was driving with a suspended license at the time—was charged with leaving the scene of an accident; after calling 911 she drove away to get her mother, and then returned, at which point she was arrested.

Francis’ lawyer Michael Baum says it’s a civil matter that should never have become a criminal case.

He also disputed the initial charge of driving with a suspended license since “the key was not in the ignition” at the time of the accident.

That seems like a rather specious argument, but we’ll have to wait until Francis’ next court date in March to hear how this sad story finally ends.

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