Fashion Week: Coco & Breezy Invest in the Future, Design for Kids

02/18/2011 4:32 PM |

The Future: very bright.

  • The Future: very bright.

Planet C & B has glow in the dark jewelry, gorgeous twins, mysterious pink drinks, funky sunglasses, and, oh yeah, free manicures. The creative vision of accessories designers Coco and Breezy has never disappointed in the past, and last night their record remained intact. Models resembling gorgeous aliens were decked out in blue lipstick, neon necklaces and bracelets, and the signature sunglasses that the two ladies made famous.

But there weren’t only cool twentysomethings at the presentation: Coco and Breezy introduced a line of kids accessories! Adorable boys and girls (including a few sets of twins) wore miniature versions of everything the adults wore, except they looked almost 10 times cooler. The future according to Coco and Breezy looks pretty bright.

(Photos by Dana Decoursey)