Film School Thesis Statement Generator Does It Well

02/07/2011 4:31 PM |

The power of strong Robocop theses.

  • The power of strong Robocop theses.

It’s still early in the semester and you hopefully don’t need something so drastic to spice up your scholarship, but if so you could do worse than the Film School Thesis Statement Generator, which is pretty good at doing what it says it does. Just feed it a title and it bangs out a hilarious thesis statement that lands somewhere on the spectrum between absurd academic satire, as in “Working Girl reminds the spectator of the primacy of scholarship in the Abrahamic religions through its conflicting duality of progress and humanity,” and inspired, like, “The subversion of the male gaze in Robocop calls into question male fears of castration,” which, yeah, it totally does, holy shit! (TheDailyWhat)