Generation DIY: Do, Make, Say, Think

02/16/2011 4:00 AM |

Don Wood at Fat Dog Fabrication
The appropriately named Don Wood regularly sets up shop at the Brooklyn Flea, selling his custom concrete-and-wood Fat Dog Fabrication pieces and offering valuable home improvement advice to fellow DIYers. And the man gives back to his community: last summer, glass collected in a Fort Greene Park community clean-up was donated to Fat Dog. Wood then built a limited-edition Fort Greene bench using the glass that was later auctioned off to the public. Wood began as a set builder back in the day, but after moving into finish carpentry (and moving to Brooklyn) he found himself on the PBS early American pioneer reality TV experiment Colonial House, an experience which inspired him to to “work with rougher woods, stone, mud straw and, well, goat dung as building materials.” And we’re very glad he did.

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