Get Guac’ed in Next Month’s Brooklyn Guacamole Crawl

02/24/2011 3:34 PM |

Brooklyn Guacamole Crawl

I love guacamole so much that sometimes I just eat it by the forkful (as shown), so on March 6th I’m clearing my calendar and putting on my fat pants for Nacho NY’s Brooklyn Guacamole Crawl at 5 Burro Café, Alma and Calexico, all in the Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street Waterfront District region.

$10 covers all the guacamole and chips your stomach desires, and anything else that might tempt you will cost extra. And, of course, all of these places have tons of other delicious foodstuffs, so you have options. Grab the Peños Rellenos (breaded jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese) at 5 Burro Café, some classic beef tacos at Calexico, and finish off your tour with some fish tacos at Alma. You may also want to dip into the latter’s extensive tequila selection when you’re there, as a reward for eating so much amazing food (or just because you’ve eaten so much food, it’ll take longer for you to get drunk. Whatever your reason, we’re not judging.)

So what exactly are you waiting for? The tour will be separated into three different groups, so feel free to bring a friend or go solo. Nachos NY is selling up to about 75 spots, and they’re (probably) selling out fast, and wouldn’t it be a shame for someone else to get all that guac? Here, incidentally, is a primer on how to eat large quantities of guacamole in a short period of time: