How To Pay for Brooklyn Bridge Park Without Building Condos?

02/23/2011 4:31 PM |

Whos gonna pay for all this new green?

  • Who’s gonna pay for all this new green?

As the folks living near the High Line know, if you’re going to have a really expensive park in your neighborhood you’re going to pay for it one way or another (but, hey, property values go up!). There they have a tax and a business improvement district to help foot the bill on the city’s most expensive park, something officials behind the quickly, fancily expanding Brooklyn Bridge Park had planned to avoid by building condos on park property, but now local groups are proposing other options to pay the park’s $16 million annual maintenance costs.

The Brooklyn Paper, Daily News and Carroll Gardens Patch (and others) explain that the alternatives were put forth at a Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation meeting yesterday at the Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library by a group dubbed the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund.

Among the alternatives to building condos (and a hotel) on park land (which would generate between $8 and $9 million) is the High Line-style creation of a local Park Improvement District that would charge local businesses and residents within a quarter-mile of the park maintenance fees. That would raise between $3 and $7 million annually for the park, or maybe almost as much as building condos therein. Other possibilities would involve building offices instead of condos, charging fees for the use of recreational facilities (say, $5 for every individual dog run, $10 per journey down the playground slide, etc.), and allowing more concession carts.

Meanwhile, State Senator Daniel Squadron championed another alternative not included in the report: potential revenue from the conversion of the very large nearby Watchtower properties—about to be vacated by the Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters which are moving out of town—into residential properties. Judi Francis, Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund president, echoed the sentiment: “The big kahuna is the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They know it and we know it.” Local Jehovah’s Witnesses were flattered, but assured us they’re merely loving, normal-sized kahunas. Question remains: how many kahunas in $16 million per year?

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  • Watchtower group has morphed into a real estate developer posing as a religion.

    The Watchtower Jehovah’s Witnesses was the largest landowner in Brooklyn,have been developing properties in New York City with volunteer free labor for years,and now they are selling all of it at great profit.
    Cashing in and movin on upstate and out of state.
    Armageddon ain’t a coming,soooo,arm a getting outta here…

  • These properties were not bought with profit in mind. They were bought in the early 80s when the realtors said that they could hardly give property away. We had planned to stay. The problem was that the new MANN presses that we wanted to install were simply too big and too heavy for our buildings in Brooklyn. So we had to expand in upstate to have room for all the presses that we needed. So we had Brooklyn properties to sell. Everything fit together for expansion for the great growth that has taken place, 5 times as many in the last 40 years.
    We have had so many good neighbors in the Heights and will miss them. We wish many blessings to them and to the City for their plans for the Park.

  • Sly…..”moved because printing presses were too biggie”

    Actually the Watchtower had NOT planned to stay as the end of the world was suppose to come and this is how they were going to ‘get out’.

    They got my parents and grandparents to *donate* heavily to their developments,being told that they wouldn’t *grow old in this system* and would not need their very own retirement nest eggs either.

    NOW the Watchtower is simply doing the right business move and cashing in on the Kingdom.

    Just the facts folks.

  • Life defending Watchtower land is sure one tough deal.

    The Watchtower is not God’s anything. FACT OF LIFE!

    Prove God chose Watchtower JWs.

    Cause I got a MOUNTAIN OF PROOF that God never chose Watchtower for anything:

    The printed page tells it like it is. MANY PAGES.

    Sorry JWs but you just keep losing all the time.

    Did God get all those EMBARRASSING DATES wrong JWs? (1914, 1925, 1975, 2000, GENERATION OF 1914 ETC)…

    Did God get Vaccinations wrong too?

    And then 21 years later did God change his mind about vaccinations?

    (Or was it possibly because vaccinations were stomping out polio, smallpox, diptheria, measles and more)?

    Did God get organ transplants being, “CANNIBALISM”, wrong too?

    And then change his mind again 13 years later saying organ transplants were not cannibalism after all! (how bout that!).

    Did God get, “ALTERNATIVE SERVICE” wrong? (((FOR 50 YEARS))).

    Did God change his mind 50 years later and then say alternative service is now okay to do?

    Who did all those brothers go to jail for JWs? Was it for Jehovah or for the Watchtower Society?

    What about good ole and special BETH-SARIM, JWs? Was Jehovah behind Beth Sarim too? An entire house and property waiting for the ancient worthies to be resurrected and have a place to go to.

    Who was Beth Sarim an embarrassment to JW’s? Please tell us.

    Is it reasonable to expect just a little more from God’s channel than all this JWs?

    What do you think JWs

    Who did all those witnesses that died because of not getting vaccinations or organ transplants die for? Did they die for God or for the Watchtower Society? You tell me JWs.

    So please, tell me JWs, are you ready to let your little children DIE if for some reason they need blood? Please answer yes or no. Put yourself in that situation right now before it actually happens.

    Are you ready to teach other people in your territory that they too must say no to blood even if death results?

    JWs, Are you also ready and willing to shun your children if they get baptized at like 14 but then say, “sorry, but the JW’s just ain’t for me”, at 18?

    JWs, do you tell your bible studies that the JW’s were FLAT WRONG about those organ transplants, vaccinations, alternative service, Beth Sarim, 1914, 1925, 1975, 2000, Rape Rules, Sex with animals or sex with the same sex not breaking the marital bond along 500 more things just like these?

    Do you tell your bible studies all about these many mistakes JWs?

    You see, it would be disingenuous of you to only show the one side of the JW picture, don’t you think?

    People have a right and you have an obligation to show people the COMPLETE JW PICTURE.

    Most bible studies only know what JW’s tell them in their little bible study books. (I bet you all know this now). And NOWHERE does it mention all these problems that destroy the WT Society as being used by God for anything at all.

    If the Bible is True:

    Jesus walked on water.

    Moses parted the Red Sea.

    A Cloud followed the ark of the covenant.

    And the JW religion owns this bad boy:

    Do you see the slight difference here JWs?

    This is why many people after knowing the entire JW range of facts end up walking away altogether. Just like I did almost five years ago now.

    And this despite the fact that we will be judged as wicked, as some apostate, be labeled, shunned and lose almost everything we have.

    Is this fair JWs? Is this scriptural JWs? No, it is neither… and I have examined all the scriptures many times and in great detail. No scripture supports this unfair abuse of power and loss of friends, family and reputation.

    I hope you take the time to honestly examine all these things JWs.

    Be ready to cut-off your own children just because they don’t want it. Because you just might have to. It happens more than you know.

    So JWs, the next time you try to push JW’s are God’s channel today nonsense please do not get offended when I fall out of my chair laughing.

    You all have many questions all over this site that you have put on your lap.

    And then you ALL always run like a fast little rabbits…

    And do the JW dance moves out the door…

    Silly JW’s.


    No JW that I have ever encountered or debated with can defend the sorry JW past plethora of embarrassing mistakes..

    This is where you cross the line, lose badly and then get buried and spanked all on the same thread.

    Why not just say this is a pretty good religion for me and leave it at that?

    Why arrogantly teach that you must be a JW, JW’s are the truth, God uses only JW’s, JW’s are God’s people all the while you have pages and pages of PROOF that God never chose the JW’s for anything, never got all those things wrong for 100 plus years and has not picked the Watchtower for anything at all.

    This is your problem. And this is where you JWs are in denial. And what you run away from again and again.

    The JW religion is just that another religious institution and nothing more. The facts prove this again and again over and over.

    JW’s preach (((THE JW))) message. And that is it.

    You know the one that said (in writing) that the end would come in 1914, 1925, 1975, before the generation of 1914 died, the year 2000. The JW message that forbids blood transfusions, that forbidded organ transplants, vaccinations, alternative service etc etc etc…. The one that says no beards, no holidays, no school sports or plays, no cub scouts, no red cross, no salvation army etc etc etc

    THAT is not the biblical message at all.

    And remember this fact: Before JW’s ever showed up on the scene, Christianity was already GLOBAL!!! Now how did that happen do you suppose?

    God’s hand is with my life today. Now how does that happen JWs if I left his organization as you al laughably claim??

    It’s simply a matter of putting the issues on the table and with an open mind coming to reasonable conclusions based on the whole range of facts and information.

    I have proven to myself (and my family as well as God Himself) that I am willing to be WRONG.That I am willing to be adjusted. That I can accept new information regardless of the consequences.

    After all I became a JW.

    And then I was willing to leave the JW’s despite heavy though unfair consequences.

    I am willing to be proven wrong… or right… whatever the case may be.

    Truth is worth the effort and or consequences for me. And the JWs do not have it.

    That’s what this journey called life is all about.

    Living with blinders is no way to live at all!

    If the bible is true Jesus did many amazing things to prove God was with him.

    If the bible is true Moses did many amazing things that prove God was with him.

    And this sorry list is what JW’s have to prove God is with them today??

    All from their own literature.

    The printed page tells it like it is JWs!

    Like I’ve said many times now; the Watchtower’s greatest enemy today is its own literature.


  • Dan, Vin, You both are angry, boring and down right monotonous. ie: Dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest. And, I must add, NEVER providing ANYTHING BETTER. You’re only able to spew negativity. You are NOT appealing nor believable. You both are, however, mightily ate up with self. Go find something constructive and positive to do. How ’bout the two of you hanging together at a nice park or taking in a stunning sunset. Perhaps the two of you will discover reason for chear again. The creator of this wondrous universe provides so many. Put even a tenth of the energy into seeking that, as you do seeking self, anger and articles mentioning Jehovah’s Witnesses and you’ll probably start having fun again. Please, give it a shot. My best to you.

  • The witnesses have taught me how to live a clean moral life. They have never asked anything from me the last 40 years. I have a truly worldwide brotherhood that I can turn to. The world and all its religions have not and do not offer that. And if for some reason they were wrong, well I wouldn’t change anything for the guidance they have given and the clean conscience. “Probably you may be concealed in the day of Jehovahs anger.” People only hear sometimes what they want to hear.

  • Blood transfusion to a Jehovah’s Witness is like psychiatry to a Scientologist.

    They are very much alike in many ways

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses controversy in a nutshell:
    Cult-like hard core apocalyptic fundy Watchtower is an 1870 splinter group from the William Miller *great disappointment* fallout.
    They have kept followers on the edge of the seat and drained them dry after pinning all their hopes and dreams on the always just around the corner post armageddon *paradise”.

    They took everything from many followers including lots and lots of money.NOW bloated with wealth… all they can do is stagger around and shoot critics, and exaggerate some of the few beneficial JW legacies.
    They ripped off millions most who just grew old and died so can’t say anything back now.
    The A number one fear of the Watchtower is bad PR and lawsuits for fraud,just like Scientology same lawyers same spin doctors same shills same everything.…

  • The Watchtower promised a ‘garden of Eden’ “Park” like paradise post armageddon to the million Jehovah Witness follower investors that they $windled.

    Lets get the Watchtower to now pay for a real park paradise in their former spot.
    They got estimated $200 billion in world wide assets to pay for it,what great PR for them.

  • Wow! All ya gotta do is mention JW’s an the Spamalots come pouring out every oriface! So DH3 is callin hisself Freedom now! If it wasn’t so sad it’d be funny… no, wait… it IS funny!