Jay-Z’s Atlantic Yards Cash-In

02/11/2011 1:33 PM |


Jay-Z is already an investor in the Atlantic Yards boondoggle, a co-owner of the basketball team coming to play there, but he just figured out a way to make a little more money by exploiting the residents of his home borough. The Nets recently retained the services of Transition, a “branding firm,” to burnish its image. According to an Ad-Age article published Wednesday:

Translation is charged with speaking to a variety of constituencies surrounding the Nets’ move from New Jersey, including potential new season-ticket holders, current season-ticket holders, longtime fans of the team, local businesses and, perhaps most important, to a vocal though now dwindling group of citizens who have long opposed a new arena in Brooklyn…

The article continues, “Expect Translation to…utiliz[e] rap star Jay-Z.” What it doesn’t mention is that Jay-Z owns a stake in Translation.

A commenter at the tireless Norman Oder’s Atlantic Yards Report pointed out the connection, linking to a Times article from two years ago about Jay-Z’s investment in Translation Advertising, a part of Translation Consultation and Brand Advertising.

Oh, it’s like when the Bush administration gave all those contracts to Halliburton.