Mogwai Will Never Die, But You Will

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02/16/2011 4:01 AM |


Will Never Die, But You Will

(Sub Pop)

Google “Mogwai seamless” and you’ll get over 65,000 results. The band has always had a remarkable knack for making ten songs sound like one, and their seventh record, HardcoreWill Never Die, But You Will, continues this trend.

Everything one expects from a new Mogwai album is there—epic guitar solos, savage yet precise drumming, dreamy keyboard playing, distortion, multiple tracks longer than five minutes—but Hardcoresomehow sounds different, looser. The band has clearly always had a sense of humor (they’re named after a Gremlin, after all), but on their previous record, The Hawk Is Howling, and now Hardcore, as the song titles have gotten funnier (“George Square Thatcher Death Party,” “You’re Lionel Ritchie”), so too has the band let the music breathe more, with each song effortlessly gliding into the one following. Part of the credit goes to producer Paul Savage, who previously worked with the band on their still mesmerizing debut Young Team, who adds a dash of Neu! to their sound.

The album’s best song, “How to Be a Werewolf,” conveys this perfectly. The track starts slowly, with a ringing of feedback, with the drums, bass, and more guitars eventually catching up, in a jumping jacks rhythm. After about three minutes, all the sounds crash into one another, continuing that way until the song slowly fades out. It sounds downright jumpy, joyful even. It’s easy for a post-rock band to take themselves too seriously, but that’s something you can’t accuse Mogwai of on Hardcore. They know they’re one of the genre’s biggest talents, and they’re going to have some 
fun now.