Park Slope “Tree Sweater” Mystery: SOLVED!

02/17/2011 3:23 PM |


Fucked in Park Slope brought it to widespread attention over a month ago: on 16th Street, east of Seventh Avenue, three consecutive trees are wearing hand-knit, variegated sweaters, prompting jokes about how even the trees in Park Slope ooze a sense of entitlement. I confirmed it a few weeks later, when I serendipitously walked up the block and remarked aloud, “ah, yes, I was made aware of these from the blogosphere.”

Today, after 38 days of mystery, the Park Slope Patch finally solved “Brooklyn’s Stonehenge”: the sweaters are the product of a 57-year-old lady who loves to knit but who’s not that good, is bored of scarves, and doesn’t have a dog.

“I knit as a hobby, and I was tired of making scarves,” Laurie Russell said. “I had knit one or two sweaters, but I’m not a very advanced knitter. I was looking at dogs, sausage dogs, and think about what a fun sweater shape that would be. But I don’t have a dog. So I started looking at trees as a simple ‘sweater.’”

She knits a new tree-sweater every year—the first, saffron-colored, was an homage to “The Gates”—putting them up in December and taking them down in the spring. They’re very popular cuz, duh, it’s Park Slope.