Stream the New Mountain Goats Album, All Eternals Deck, at NPR

02/28/2011 9:53 AM |


Word travels pretty fast around the old internet, so I realize there’s a good chance you’re already midway through your second listen of the day, but just in case: All Eternals Deck, the new record by John Darniele’s Mountain Goats, is streaming over at NPR. Something about his last couple records has left me feeling cold (and sleepy), but this one manages to grab my attention in new ways every time I listen. It’s out March 29th, and you can pre-order it here. Fun stuff going on with the vinyl, too: of the first pressing of 4,000, 120 will be on blue vinyl, 880 will be clear, and 3,000 will be regular old black. They’ll be packaged randomly, though, so just cough up the money and cross your fingers.