The Ideal Brooklyn Date Weekend

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02/02/2011 1:00 AM |

Friday, 7pm BAM, The Diary of a Madman

You know who was totally romantic? Nikolai Gogol! Ok, totally j/k, but this’ll make you look smart.

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  • Maybe your photo spread for an ideal date should at some point show a picture of someone looking happy? I know that’s pretty gauche these days, but it’s just a thought.

  • These pictures are pretentious, boring, and just…i don’t even know. Couldn’t they have looked happy or something? Doesn’t make me want to do any of those things except to punch these people in the face. Who the hell goes shopping for clothes on Valentines Day? I guess a boring douchey couple of assholes. Fuck this.

  • Ummmm, hey ‘L’, gonna credit the photographer anywhere? Hello? What a pair of raging d-bags these two are, agreed, but I really dig on the pictures as individual pieces.

  • The photographs are amazing. The girl is totally out of place. She is not cut out to be a model. Sorry. Better cast other person next valentine.
    She def can not act. Wait.. I mean, pose. She can’t even pose! How terrible. She should never be a model. All I see is this uncomfortable pretense (what could be worse than that?) and someone from America’s Next Top Model (yes, the show) would say, ‘you’re not giving us anything from week to week’ (even those people won’t like this hipster-looking girl). She is… boring. The guy looks ok. He can be in pictures of magazines. Or in covers of CDs, I don’t mind. The girl is freaking annoying!! Somebody should tell her that (I am that somebody). So pretentious! (there I go again). Who is this stupidly looking ‘model’ anyway?

  • come on people, what did you expect? ps lay off the girl, she’s 12 years old douche bag.

  • lmao @ all these comments… when this is what half of you look like.